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EUROGUSS 2014 Arosio F.lli has participated to the 10th Edition of EUROGUSS, the biggest trade fair for die – casting in Europe. The product spectrum showed innovative solutions for aluminium die – casting processes. The 10th anniversary of EUROGUSS has been a complete success: over 11,000 visitors, a good 30 per cent of them international.

MECSPE March 2013 Parma

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parma fieraArosio F.lli has participated to the 11th Edition of MECSPE, the International Exhibition Technologies for Innovation which endorses competence exchanges between workers in the sector. Once again MECSPE was regarded as a prominent promoter of ideas for manufacturing industry at a national level. Technology, innovation and both national and international relations were the elements that have characterized this Edition and that have allowed the visitors not only to find the best productive solutions, but also to foster the encounters between Italian and foreign entrepreneurs. The exhibition has registered, in comparison to the 2011 Edition, a 5% increase of visitors which were able to visit more than a 1000 stands.