The great experience in aluminium alloys casting allows Arosio F.lli Company to offer to all its customers, professionalism, quality and technology for the realization of a high level product. Arosio F.lli Company is aware that the good results of all companies that trust on it depend on its job. Even Safety and Environment are important. The attention to these fields issues allows Arosio F.lli Company to manage environmental problems in an efficacious effective and efficient way.

GDK 200


This station is ideal for the production of small-medium parts. Completely automated, it does not require constant monitoring, because it is designed so that the sensors enable productive continuity and engage only in case of error. It is fitted with a rotating loading unit and a Kawasaki J10 robot. The smelting furnace holds 300 kg.

GDK 350


This station is equipped with a press fitted with all latest generation features, such as the rotating metal dosing unit with lubricator and Kawasaki FS20N robot. Another feature includes the automatic column slide-out system to make mold change easier and faster.

GDK 400


This station, purchased in 2012, has the same characteristics of the station GDK350, equipped by an automatic column slide-out system to make mould change easier and faster, it’s served, on the machine edge, by a Kawasaki J10 robot.